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For the last decade we have been teaching creative dance to people of all ages and abilities across England and Scotland. During this time we have developed DanceSpinner, a teaching aid and choreographic tool that allows choreographers of all ages to ignite their creative instincts and push their movement vocabulary.

DanceSpinner provides movement suggestions in the way a choreographer might, it places no limitations on creativity, by just deciding which arrows to spin students are able to work at the same pace and increase their confidence in dance making.

At its most simple, a single arrow can be spun to provide a movement suggestion. At the other end of the scale arrows can be used to create and break movement into component parts, suggest contact points or develop spatial design elements, playing on the chance element of spinning arrows or filtering suggestions to make decisions, complementing or challenging the way you move.

Using DanceSpinner is fun - as a teacher working with people who are completely absorbed and enjoying a task has allowed the freedom to really observe individuals, see what is being created and give one-on-one attention when needed.

We are really thrilled to have been able to manufacture a hardwearing and durable version of DanceSpinner, whether you use it to create yourself or to teach others, we hope you find the possibilities as exciting as we have and look forward to seeing what it helps you create.

If you want to share what you have made we would love to see it - post us a link to your videos and see them on the video page of the website, happy spinning!


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